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I was looking for information on silicone molds for my rhubarb leaf concrete stepping stones when I came across an inventive individual who made a mixer to mix small amounts of concrete with part of a coil spring from a car.

I did not have a coil spring on hand but had some 7/16 inch hot rolled steel rod left over from helping a friend build a djembe drum stand. I just bent a 90 and then heated the rod and eyeballed a coil at the end. It works great in my 1/2″ drill, but I coiled it backwards so the drill has to be run in reverse. This just seems wrong to me.

cement mixing tool

cement mixing tool

concrete mixer ready to mix cement and pigment

cement mixer ready to mix cement and pigment

If enough people are interested in this tool I could give more detailed instructions orĀ  manufacture some for sale. Leave me a comment.


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