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I tend not to push my grandchildren on the projects we do together,  so this cane took some time to complete.

Madeleine wanted to make a cane for her Nana. She picked the stick she wanted and chose the hardware from my Lee Valley Tool Catalog. I was slow to pick up on the fact that she didn’t want to make any changes to the cane because she liked the wood just the way it was. She’s a purist ~ let the wood speak for itself, no need for embellishment. She did, however, like the idea of putting her name on the cane.

She did some finish sanding and then asked me to write her whole name on the cane. (We use only first names online for our grandchildren, so the rest is blocked out.) When we got to the other side of the cane she wanted her nana’s name. Before I had a chance to write it, she grabbed the cane and pencil and wrote it herself. As an afterthought, she said I could fix up the letters when I woodburned them. I didn’t, of course. I’m a purist that way.

What did I learn? Children are keenly aware when an adult is controlling a project and I was probably doing this more than I intended to. In any case, the original idea was hers. She is very happy with the result and will be beaming when she presents it to her Nana.

Monalisa, in her comment, asked who was luckier, Madeleine or I. When Madeleine was four, I overheard her telling someone that her grandpa did everything she said, but then added “and I do everything Grandpa says.”

I think that sums up how lucky we both are.

Nana's cane completed (click ti enlarge)

to Val / Nana

to Val / Nana

Close up (click to enlarge)

Close up (click to enlarge)


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